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Practice yoga with us and leave feeling like a better human being.



Our mission is to craft impactful yoga experiences that help each and every student leave feeling like a better human being. We will guide our community through the entire arc of a complete, vigorous, and physical yoga experience through mindfulness, intelligence, and a deep listening to our students. Our regular practitioners will inevitably experience positive change in all aspects of their lives.

New Student Information

We are a heated, power-vinyasa yoga studio. You can expect to be challenged physically but also encouraged to listen to your own body and customize as much as you need. Bring a yoga mat, towel, and water vessel to class - we have these things to rent or purchase as well.

Feel free to create an account prior to coming into the studio below. Book your class online or feel free to just drop in.

Showers with all the amenities are available for students to use.


Try ONE WEEK of yoga for just $20.



One Week Special

Try Maven for one week for the price of a single drop in - that's just $20. We also have class packs available if that suits your needs better. Check out all our class options here.

Unlimited Memberships

Our unlimited, monthly membership is only $125/month (and the first month is only $99!). That's quite a deal if you practice twice a week or more!


We're a stones throw away from Lenin at the Center of the Universe.



Maven is located in the Dubliner Building in the heart of Fremont, a stone’s throw away from the infamous Statue of Lenin.  Tucked away in the same building as Tzar Dumplings and Hidden Hand Tattoo, the studio entrance is located in the alley accessible from either Fremont Ave or Fremont Place.  Sidewalk signs will guide you.


3516 Fremont Place N.
Seattle, Wa. 98103


Fremont has both free 2-hour parking and paid parking throughout the neighborhood.



Questions? Send us a note at