We're a stone's
 throw away from
Lenin at the Center
of the Universe.



Maven is located in the Dubliner Building in the heart of Fremont, a stone’s throw away from the infamous Statue of Lenin. Tucked away in the same building as Tzar Dumplings and Hidden Hand Tattoo, the studio entrance is located in the alley accessible from either Fremont Ave or Fremont Place.  Sidewalk signs will guide you. 




Fremont has both free 2-hour parking and paid parking throughout the neighborhood.



Our mission is to craft impactful yoga experiences that help each and every student leave feeling like a better human being. We will guide our community through the entire arc of a complete, vigorous, and physical yoga experience through mindfulness, intelligence, and a deep listening to our students. Our regular practitioners will inevitably experience positive change in all aspects of their lives.


Kai Trinh

Kai taught his first yoga class in 2002 and has enjoyed a colorful life teaching both students and yoga teachers ever since. He is fascinated by the interplay of movement and stillness, the purpose of poses, and the possibilities that occur through the totality of a yoga class. As a teacher, he enjoys creating organic-feeling sequences but also developing discipline in students that comes through learning how to work specifically in the body. 


Alison Marra

Building upon a background in gymnastics and dance, Alison felt an instant connection with Vinyasa Yoga after being introduced to the style while attending college. Yearning for a deeper understanding, she received her 200-hour instructor certification from CorePower Yoga in 2007. Today, as an E-RYT, she guides students through a Vinyasa-style practice that focuses on core strength and flow to build a solid practice based on strength and spirit. Expanding her horizons beyond yoga, Alison is also a certified personal trainer (NSCA-CPT) and has completed trainings in barre method and indoor cycling. 


Our Staff